Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center

Fact Sheet


There are many ideas of what rape is, who gets raped, who the rapist is, and where these crimes happen.

Here are the Facts:

  • Learning self-defense is an available option. You can learn to be assertive and to use awareness and physical action to defend yourself.
  • Rape is forced sexual relations against a person’s will.
  • Rape is a crime of anger and violence, not an act of sexual desire. No one asks to be raped.
  • Anyone can be a victim. FBI statistics show that one out of every three women will experience a rape in her adult life.
  • Rape victims range in age from 4 months to over 90 years old. Women of all economic groups, neighborhoods and life-styles can be victims.
  • Most rapes are planned and often occur in the victim’s home or car. Many times the offender is a person known to the victim.
  • Most rapists lead normal lives. Many are married and young. They can be of any race, color or economic class.