Riverside Area Rape Crisis Center

What We Do

  • Victim Advocacy & Direct Services
  • Direct Services 24-Hour Crisis Hotline provides crisis intervention, counseling, and information and referrals for assault survivors, their families, and friends. ( 951) 686-7273 or (866) 686-7273
  • 24-Hour Hospital Advocacy offers support and counseling to rape victims and their families at the hospital and accompaniment services to court proceedings and interviews with law enforcement agencies.

Penal Code Section 679.04(a)
A victim of sexual assault has the right to have a victim advocate and a support person of the victim’s choosing present at any interview by law enforcement, District Attorney, and during any medical or physical examination.

  • Accompaniment to law enforcement interviews and to court.
  • In-person counseling in office, schools, and public places.
  • Individual Therapy for all age groups who are victims of sexual assault.
  • Advocacy and Accompaniment for protective parents at Childrens' Forensic Exams and Questioning related to sexual assault.  
  • Support groups provided in English and Spanish.
    This is a healing empowerment program which focuses on a shared experience.

Community Education

We provide violence prevention presentations to thousands of children and youth.   We provide violence prevention presentations to thousands of children and youth.   We present to service organizations, provide self-defense classes for women and children with a parenting component, sponsor our Strength Campaign for young men ages 14 to 18 years old, our Be Strong Campaign for young women ages 14-18, and train incredibly dedicated volunteers to provide our advocacy services to the clients we serve.

Child Abuse Prevention Presentations for Head start, preschool, elementary, middle, and high schools.

My Strength (is not for hurting) young men ages 14-18

Be Strong young women ages 12-18

Sexual Harassment Prevention

Date Rape/High School and College

Healthy Relationships

Senior Outreach

Latino Outreach

Parenting Classes

Professional Training

Law Enforcement Training

Self Defense Classes

Woman to Woman

Self defense classes for women ages 11 and up. Topics addressed include prevention ideas, assertiveness training, and physical techniques. The classes are one and a half hours long and may be attended multiple times.

Kid Power

Kid Power is a self-defense class for children ages 4 to 12. Topics addressed include personal safety, assertiveness training and physical techniques for self defense.

Volunteer Opportunities